Wear the right wig to eliminate embarrassment
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By Henry | 25 October 2022 | 0 Comments

Wear the right wig to eliminate embarrassment

In the beginning, there were very few products in the wig market, only the whole wig, and the frontal. Later, major manufacturers found that the whole wig could no longer meet the needs of all customers, so the designers in each factory worked overtime. After adding some drawings, I don't know how many drawings, but I really designed many kinds of wigs. Today, I will introduce to you the classification and efficacy of wigs.

1. Air bangs
Air bangs made of wigs, there is a small clip at the top, directly clip this small clip into your hair, and then use a comb, splint, or curling iron to tidy up the shape. Note that it must be real hair bangs. Use splints and curling irons.

On the whole, air bangs are convenient and fast to wear, and the price is not very expensive. It is especially suitable for pretty girls who want to feel air bangs or bangs that have been cut by teacher tony.

2. Closure
The hair Closure is a piece of long wig, which is mainly used for local hair replacement, such as the position of the hairline, the position of the top of the head, and the ladies with flat back of the head can also be used to increase the roundness of the back of the head.

Closure are also the type of wig that many celebrities often use. Because they are easy to carry and easy to use, they are a must-have item for home travel.

Some items are also derived from the Closure, such as the ponytail hair piece, which is used to increase the length of the ponytail. It is also a weapon for young ladies to take pictures and become beautiful.

3. U-part wig

The U-part wig can really be said to be an invention of a fairy. It belongs to the wig that can directly increase the length and density of the hair. Those young ladies who like to go for hair transplants really might as well buy a U-part wig.

The U-part wig is also very convenient to wear, just tie a small braid on the top of the head, and then buckle it around the U-shaped seam of the braid. This wig is especially suitable for young ladies with less hair, and they can directly experience the feeling of thick and long hair.

5. The whole wig

Finally, we talked about the whole wig. The whole wig is the most common wig. We have seen a lot of them in costume dramas. However, there are many types of materials for the whole wig, so I won't go into details here. You can refer to the other I have article dedicated to wig materials.

Generally, the whole wig is layered in front of the forehead. For example, those used in costume dramas are equipped with lace mesh or PU glue, and then glued to the position of the hairline, so that their brain gate can be exposed. The wig headgear in the recently popular TV series "Knowing or Not" is made of PU glue, and with makeup, it is basically impossible to see the layers. For example, in the costume TV series a few years ago, it is often seen that there are mesh layers on the hairline, which belongs to the whole wig with lace mesh.

Before wearing the whole wig, you need to wrap the hair with a hair net. It will be unfamiliar at first, and it will cause problems such as unnaturalness and a big head, but after wearing it a few times, you will find that the more you wear it, the more natural it will be.

The whole wig belongs to the beauty category in the commodity category. The main function is to change the shape. With the arrival of 9012, wearing a wig is becoming more and more common, so ladies and sisters can also Prepare a few wigs of different shapes to send at home, you can change whatever style you want~

The above are basically all the categories of wigs. The ladies can buy different types of wigs according to their own needs. I hope that the ladies and sisters can become more beautiful and more beautiful~

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