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Common Mistakes

     Few people know how to take good care of hair, so here to share some common mistakes we have known before. Hope we can help you avoid mistakes.  and learn how to take care of your precious hair.

    1. Shampooing Everyday

        That is common mistake by almost people. Frequently chemicals shampoo

lead to your hair harmful if excessive usage. So better washing every 2-3 days is okay and good for hair.

    2. Combing Wet Hair

        Most of us like to comb the hair from top to end while they are wet. It is a big mistake to comb wet hair, which will cause hair fall and damage.Just let the hair dry first, then detangle them gently before you comb them totally.

    3.No Brush Before Shampoo

       Better brush through your hair before a shampoo, which is a wise way to get rid of tangle.

    4.Less Hair Care Production

       Human hair of course need Nutrient to support healthy grown. Every time after washing, put on some high quality natural oil and moisture will keep the hair from dry and tangle. So strongly recommend you can condition your hair frequently,then the hair can keep soft, smooth and good looking.

     5.Styling Too Much

        We offer all kinds of hair type and they are natural healthy with great wave,so just buy the hair type you prefer,we promise can meet your 100% satisfaction. Change hair type by yourself surely okay,but must be done with professional guide.

     6. Swimming wearing the hair

        It is not recommended that you swim with hair, as chlorine and salt water is damaging to the hair. However if you do the following precautions are recommended:

                            Comb or brush through hair.

                         Apply a leave-in conditioner to hair to act as a protective layer;

                         Braiding hair may help to prevent tangling.

                         Afterwards thoroughly shampoo and condition hair.

      If not treat your hair in a proper way, may cause over styling, which is a mistake maybe even damage the hair.

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